Research and Development

Continuous R&D aiding to Innovative Product Development and rigorous testing in every phase to maintain standard quality.

Litmus Industries has always focused & paid attention to the technical requirements to maintain Industry Standard. Continuous research and development aids to our goal of bringing the best quality products for our customers to maintain and raise industry standards. We make sure to keep our technical aspect updated with the most innovative technology which is then reflected on our products and services. Rigorous cable testing is performed using advanced lab testing machines such as computerized UTS and profile projector. We have introduced Kaizen and 5S (Sorting, Straightening, Sweeping, Standardizing and Sustaining) method in the Shop Floor for continuous improvement. We practice Total Quality Management System with the introduction of Critical to Quality (CTQ) Training to operators and supervisors to ensure that every individual behind our products are in line with our vision to empower the nation with nothing but the best wires and cables.

Computerized UTS Testing & Profile Projector

Practice of Total Quality Management System

Critical to Quality Training to Operators & Supervisors

Follow Kaizen and 5S in Shop Floor