The foundation of Litmus Industries (formerly known as Lumbini Vidyut) dates back to 1977, which was laid out with a broad vision of creating deep connections, value and growth for our people, partners and stakeholders.

It was far ahead of its time to identify the enormous need for conductor based transmission lines that could be a catalyst for change by distributing electricity to all regions in Nepal. Upon acquiring Litmus Industries in 1977, Lucky Group (now Ramesh Corp.) underwent a 360-degree change in management and policies. Over the years, Litmus Industries gradually transformed into a profitable organization based on the consistent efforts of the new management and the group's commitment to quality and innovation. With a large area of land in Butwal Industrial Estate, near the border of Sunauli, the company has now established itself as one of the leading names in the Cables & Conductors Industry in Nepal, and has exported its products once to India for over 15 years. As a result of our diverse product portfolio, relentless dedication, expertise in the market, and the trust of our growing customer base has placed in us, we have been able to reap immense rewards. From the prestigious NS Quality Award in 2010 to the most coveted ISI certification for our Cables in 2015, Litmus Industries is the only cable company in Nepal that has an ISI (Indian Standard) mark.

  • Innovate for a brighter future.
  • To work towards safe, energy efficient products and solutions for our customers
  • To create deep connections, value creation and growth for our people, partners and stakeholders.

To maintain leadership by being the largest and most diversified cables and electrical company in Nepal through commitment in quality, advance German technology and best customer service.