At Litmus Industries, we have adapted Advanced German Technology to reaffirm that our products are of No.1 Quality. Compared to traditional technology, Advanced German Technology assures more precision, better control over production and superior quality results among many other benefits. Adhering to Advanced German Technology, Litmus Industries has adapted different technologies in different phases/ processes of production i.e., drawing, extrusion, coiling and stranding




Niehoff German Technology i.e. Dual Spooler Rod Breakdown Machine, Advanced Multi Fine Wire Drawing with Online Annealer and Double Twist Bunching Machine


Advanced Dual Spooler, Auto Pay Off/ Take Up Changeover, Self-Centered Head, Online Sikora Technology For Diameter Controller, Online Sikora Spark Tester And Multi Pass Cooling Trough


Advanced Auto Coiling With Online Spark Tester And Accurate Auto Length Cutting


Latest Separate Drive Driven Cages With Electronic Shaft Synchronization, Intelligent Electronic Wire Break Detection System(Ewbds), Next Generation Siemens Controlled Architecture(S7-1500)